To my sweet little Archer:

I am sorry I called you colicky, it just seemed to fit this last week. Today, I had my perfect, happy guy back again. You charmed me with smiles, and melted me with giggles. You slept and slept. I have a hunch it's because you didn't sleep much yesterday. You barely cried, even when you were hungry. You didn't cry over a dirty diaper once. Your beautiful blue eyes glistened with happiness instead of tears, and Mommy's eyes glistened with relief instead of helplessness. I am so proud of you, little boy. You smiled and smiled, and today I really needed that.

I love you leaps and bounds~ Mommy xoxoxo

Today, Archer was total bliss. Smiling and cooing and not crying. He slept for hours at a time instead of minutes. I'm really hoping the past few days were a fluke and he is not going to have anymore scream filled days. I really appreciate all the suggestions in the comments section....we went out and bought tummy soother and gas relief drops. I also plan to pick up a noise machine soon to help him sleep longer and more peacefully. I am so relieved and happy. I just felt helpless trying to imagine my life like that for months. I did buy a miracle blanket from Heather last week which really came in handy and I may have to pick up another one so we have a spare when ones in the wash. He's sleeping peacefully now, I'm just so relieved. That was a very heavy load....

Any suggestions?

So, I think our little man has colic. He cried almost non-stop yesterday. He'd scream and I 'd finally get him to sleep, which only lasted 10-15 minutes at a time before we began again. His whole little body stiffens out, which I have been noticing more and more in the last week, and he just cries. When he's fed, changed, bathed....
I was researching it online, and they were saying that babies can be sensitive to their environment, which would make sense that Archer could be over-stimulated with having 3 other very energetic kids running around. Besides that, it's hard to keep him asleep because they kids are so noisy. Typical noise, it's not like they run around screaming at the top of their lungs or anything. Yesterday was the worst so far, but it's been getting worse each day. This morning has been a fussy one so far, and Jason is gone until Friday. I decided to be pro-active and passed on having meeting here, as I'd have to get the house set up by myself which is so not happening with a screaming baby.
I wish I knew if it was something I was eating, I'd gladly give it up, but I can't seem to find a pattern. I hardly had any dairy yesterday, just one piece of string cheese at supper. I have a call in to the chiropractor, so I'm hoping they'll be able to adjust him and see if that helps. I also plan to pick up some gripe water, as the gas drops don't seem to have much affect. He is gassy, all the time.
Any advice to make him more comfortable would be really appreciated....

So, he's 7 weeks today, and we weighed him last night. 12 pounds even.
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