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An update.

Jason is finally back home and we(I) made a new rule that he doesn't go on any more vacations with my Dad until we go on one together....I think they've been on 4 hunting trips since our honeymoon. Anyway, I'm glad to have him home. They didn't get any elk, everything they saw was one Indian or private land. To bad, it's such a long way out, and longer way back:)

My house is trashed, of course, all the running in and dropping things just to leave again. I decided to stay at Mom's and drive Elliot into school each day, as we had a garage sale Fri/sat, and then Thur/Fri again. I made a whopping 142 bucks, not really worth all the effort of washing/folding/pricing/sitting out in the cold for 4 days, but I plan to list it in lots on craigslist now, and something has to be done with it now that I've hauled it all up from the basement, so a huge gain there.

I bought Elliot some Lego's last week, as his teacher told me he plays with them all the time at school. Total sticker shock on those things....they do keep him occupied for hours though...and he can build really awesome stuff too. I think I'll be hunting garage sales this summer. Tony did explain to me the valid reason why they're so expensive....when you create something in mass amounts that all need to be exactly the same to work, it takes an incredible amount of engineering to make them perfect so they fit right, hence the high cost.

Brookelyn has (or should I say had) recently grown her fingernails out, and used them repeatedly in combat with her brother. I cut all the kids nails last night, and I had to hogtie her in order to cut her longest nail. She must have been proud of it because she broke into sobs when I finally managed to cut it. Poor girl. To my credit, I sensed that she really wanted to keep this one fingernail, and asked my Mom and my sister if I should still cut it. They said "yes!" in unison, so I went ahead, and then we all felt bad afterwards. They assure me it won't scar her, and obviously that's a bit of a fetch, but she was so proud, and sobbed so hard...it'll be one of those stories that starts, "I remember one time when my Mom...." that she'll still remember when she's 76.

Trae is just plain hilarious. The other day, he wanted to go potty on the potty. My Mom was watching him (I was shooting a wedding) He sat and pushed and grunted, grunted and pushed, but never actually went potty. He wanted to wipe anyway, so he wiped and wiped and wiped, and then took the same toilet paper and, brace yourself, began wiping his nose with it! So gross...my Mom grabbed it from him, and he got upset of course, so he grabbed the shower curtain and wiped his butt with that. Guess he showed her;0)

Archer is growing everyday. He didn't sleep well at all at Mom's but has been sleeping well now that we're home. He wakes up around 6 and wants to play. Sunday morning I was so tired and finally woke up enough to say to him "you think it's playtime? How about we go back to sleep?" He just grinned and grinned, and I forgave him because it was so cute! He smiles alot more in the dark, and it's nice to wake up to an adorable smile if you have to be woken in the night.

I was, and still am, overwhelmed. It was a very long week at someone else's house, which pretty much explains my frustration, even though I love my Mom and was grateful to have her. There's nothing like your own space, and it even better when it's clean.....which is the source of my current frustration.

PS...why is grateful spelled like that when great is spelled great? Shouldn't it be spelled greatful?
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