The gall.

I had to run Elliot in to school this morning and figured i'd update quick....

I am staying at Mom's the rest of the week, it's just to hard and lonesome here by myself. It sucks though because it's 20 minutes each way to get Elliot to and from school.

I got a call on Friday from the bus garage regarding my absence at home when they wanted to drop Elliot off on Wednesday. The lady says the bus driver wanted to set up a "sign" so that if I wasn't home, she could just take Elliot back to school without stopping. I said I didn't plan on it happening again, obviously, and if my van wasn't in the driveway I wasn't here, but again, I wasn't planning on it happening again. The other issue was with the cat. The bus driver told the lady she had to wait for 4 minutes, and I said that she had to be there at 7:25, because that's what time I locked the cats up, and I hadn't recalled seeing the bus. It turns out she just made that up and wasn't waiting at all. I figure she figures that I'm a loser and is just causing trouble for me now because I'm one of "those" Mom's. Some people just have nothing better to do. The thing with the cats is I am going to try to remember to lock them up every morning, but in between changing 2 dipaers, feeding 4 kids, showering 1, dressing 4, signing an aganda book for one, getting 3 sets of teeth brushed, and a few other minor things, I can't gaurantee that it will happen everyday for the rest of the year. What I do know is that if she keeps provoking me, I will call eah time she comes really early, or ech times she comes really late. Last year, there was a 20 minute time frame of when she would show up all winter. I never called, not wanting to make trouble, but it infuriated me that my son had to stand out there so long in the freezing cold. And if he wasn't out there, she speed past even if she was really late.

To top it all off, she came by and beeped at 8:07 this morning. Hah, she supposed to be here at 7:30-7:40. Excuse me while I call the bus garage to tattle.

I don't hav etime to proof read....so excuse my errors if they exist! thank ya...
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