So, my family thinks I have an addiction problem, and are staging an intervention. My "supposed" addiction: Shoes. Just because I have like, 288 pairs in the garage sale...well that's an exaggeration, it's only 131. Between Elliot, Brookelyn, and I. In my defense, I have a hard time buying shoes I can wear without getting blisters because I have very high arches. My sister claims that if I wasn't so worries about fashion, I wouldn't have blisters. I vowed never to do the "frumpy mom" thing, because it's not my thing, and I won't. Oh, and most of those shoes were purchesed by Grandma's and the ones that weren't were mostly bought second hand....and it's 5 & 6 years worth. I made a whopping 25 bucks today....I think that equals out to about 3 cents/hour. I think I sold only 2 outfits out of 688....if they don't sell there I'll be selling them in lots on craigslist.

Worms for Dinner

Elliot brought home an easy reading book called Worms for Dinner. He hasto read it to someone and then we sign. This morning he was reaading and there are names for the things that eat worms. (ex. venus fly trap) So does the Black backed Wren, but he read it the Black Backed Whack!

Garage sale starts today.

Jason and Dad have been driving through the night and should be there tonight by suppertime.
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