Well, I tried pulling a fast one on Trae. I almost convinced him going back to sleep after Elliot got on the bus. Brookelyn is at grandma's, and she's the one getting everyone up and at em' each morning, so I thought maybe...we cuddled up on the couch for about 10 minutes before our other little man started to squeak and it was all over from there. As I was feeding Archer, Trae and I were having a conversation about where Daddy was. Then he asked about Elliot. Then Brookelyn. I then asked him who this was, pointing to Archer. He said "Meow!" He thought he was funny and was totally cracking up at himself. So I decided to try a little reverse psychology. Don't say Archer. He laughs. You don't say Archer. He falls into a fit of giggles. A-cha. A-cha! A-cha! He finally said it....he's only said it once while we were still in the hospital, so I was glad to hear it again.

We have to exchange some things at Gymboree that we got last week so Trae can wear it for pictures tonight. Ashley's doing them. I am going to remember my stroller this time, we'll see how it goes. Oh, and we'll get to enjoy the company of Heather and Logan.
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