My migraine escalated to the worst migraine of my life. Jason told me to take a shower as hot as I could stand it with the water running directly on my face for 5-10minutes. I scorched the skin right off my body (convenient thing to get rid of) and felt like my headache was gone until I stepped out of the shower. Went to bed with wet hair (which I hate doing) and woke up at 5 with the headache 10 times worse. I was shaking and felt nauseous from it. I took 2 Tylenol Migraine and tried going back to sleep. My head hurt so bad and I figured it could be hormone related. Conveniently, I had some Arbonne Prolief, which is a hormone balancing cream and decided to try that. Within 20 minutes of putting it on (I rubbed it into my neck)my headache was gone.

Then Elliot missed the bus. The van was covered in a sheet of ice. Archer screamed the whole way there and back.

The day got better. I had a visit with my Doula, and I found a brown leather recliner on Craigslist for $20. I have 2 full bottles of breast milk pumped for tomorrow. Trae fell asleep rocking in the chair with Brookelyn, and they are both napping now.
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