Potty Time

Trae was getting ready for a shower just now, and started peeing in the floor. I reminded him to go on the potty, and he headed right over and stood (like Daddy & Elliot) next to the toilet and peed all down the side. Turns out, he's not tall enough to make it into the toilet....

A post about Elliot

I have a new baby....that's me in the hospital bed and him in the chair.
*BTW, this paper is sheeny (is that a word??) and all the pictures I took were blurry, so blurry it is.

Elliot has been doing these drawings lately and I love them! He's loving school and growing. We tried on 3 pairs of pants before finding ones that were long enough, and he's worn them all recently. He a a pair on at convention that were borderline highwaters...we were told it was going to be in the 80's, it ended up being in the
60's, and I packed 1 warm outfit per kid per day, so we had no other options and he'd outgrown the pants since he wore them last. They are a size 7....
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