Brookelyn has started snorting (on purpose) when she laughs. I told her it's dorky, but she thinks it's absolutely hilarious. She laughs and snorts and then laughs hysterically for 5 minutes. My mom asked her if she knows someone who snorts and she said "YES!!!HAHAHAH...SNORT.....SNORT!!!YOU!!!HAHAHAH.....SNORT....SNORT!

Possibly TMI

Without going into details, she now thinks maxi pads are for poop stains. I just hope she doesn't tell people her mom poop stains, because she doesn't....BTW, I didn't tell her that, she formed an opinion on her own, and I didn't redirect it.

First "big boy" outfit.

Archer slept wretchedly at the in-laws. Seems he doesn't do well away from home.

I'm exhausted, end of story.
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