Trae just went pee on the potty for the first time and then came and told me (with prompts from daddy) that he went "poddy!" He was so proud, and so are we! Yea!!

Archer 2 1/2 weeks

My Quibblo Personality Quiz Result for: wat does ur eye color mean?

wat does ur eye color mean?
blue If you have blue eyes, you tend to be a kind person, but you can blow your temper in an instant. You can be extremely outgoing with friends, and shy with people you don't know. You are a good student for the most part, although you do have your slip-ups. You can be caring and sensitive but there are times when you do stop on other people's feelings. You are fun to be around, and can be a dreamer.
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****obviously this person has spelling difficulties....can you tell I am breastfeeding? I am kind of addicted to these things and it passes the time while nursing. This is pretty true....
Trae was singing "Oh, Christmas Tree" this morning. So cute, he copies everything his brother and sister do.

I must have had a bad dream last night because I suddenly jumped out of bed and was frantically searching for Archer. Jason woke up of course and asked what was going on, and I said "where's the baby?" I was looking under covers and in the bassinet, all the while thinking he had somehow gotten under the covers and smothered or someone had rolled on him. Finally, after my whole body ached because I was freaking out so bad, Jason says "he's right there" and pointed IN MY ARMS!! Seems funny now, but I was in tears and like I said, my whole body just hurt from being hyper alert and thinking I had lost my baby. It still makes me cringe thinking about it.
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