Attn: Auntie Marsha & other randomness.

Size comparisons....

the "I'm mad" face....Trae threw a pile of clean folded laundry on the floor today and wouldn't pick it back up. I put him in his crib fir 1 1/2 minutes...(you know, 1minute for each year of age) and when I got him back out he went right over and picked it up, gave me a hug, and went to play. Works like a charm!

I finally found a way to show how tiny he is...

How's this for expression, Marsha??;)...I'll let you guys decide who the culprit was....no offense, but so not happening.

***I posted a gazillion pictures of Archer on my photoblog (my life through a lens)...click the link on my sidebar to view if you're interested! I have to get ones with Elliot & Jason yet...and maybe I can actually get some with me, and I'll post those after convention.

You know who you are....

I just discovered this and wanted to say I really, really appreciate it. Thanks for everything.
All 6 of Us xo
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