Mr. Defiant

He refused to get a towel and wipe it up at first, just gave me "the stare" but in the end did clean it up and was proud when he finished.

In hind sight I probably shouldn't have done a photo shoot since it may just encourage him, but in the grand scheme of things....

Here's the look I get when I scold him lately.

Trae sat on the floor sucking his drink into his mouth and spitting it on the floor....it took me a bit to catch on.

Poor Trae is having a bit of a hard time adjusting to his new role as big brother. He loves Archer to death until I start to nurse him, and then he gets upset and won't look at me or slaps at us. Of course he's not really hurting us and I hesitate to even post about this because I don't want people thinking he's being a beast, he really isn't. I have been trying to give him periods of undivided attention and hope that he'll realize soon that Archer will share mommy and he doesn't have to worry. He has a cold right now, and that may be part of it, but the little guy has had a lot of adjustment this week. He did awesome in meeting on Sunday, he sat on his chair almost the whole meeting, which is unusual for him...he usually sits on my lap. I hope he does as well at convention. I know he'll adjust to all of this in his own time, I just feel so guilty. Like, even though I am giving him plenty of attention, it still breaks my heart because as soon as he sees I have the baby, you can see his whole face drop and he gets sad and upset. Of course, Archer needs attention to, and I feel like if I put him in the bedroom to sleep (for his protection) and we are all out in the main area, that I am ignoring him. I obviously have to adjust also, and find the balance, and I know that they will both be okay. Elliot and Brookleyn are being a little more sassy and naughty through it all, and I am trying not to lose my temper and just explain that they are the example or remind them to act their age and that usually stops their behavior. The one other thing thrown in the mix is the fact that Archer really shouldn't be outside, so if the bigger kids go out, I can't go out with Trae, and then everyone stays in and gripes about not having anything to do. Whew, I didn't realize all that would come out. I guess it's a period of adjustment for the whole family, and we will make it through it together.

A week ago today....

....you, my darling boy, were brought into our lives. I have to thank you for the nights of great sleep, the coos and sighs that melt my heart, and your gorgeous half smiles that let me know you love your life. You, little man, are awesome. xoxo
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