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Elliot and Trae also wore this outfit...brings back memories:)

Archer's birth story

I woke up at 6am Tuesday morning with contractions 10 minutes apart. I went for a walk and they stopped and then were sporadic for a few hours. My Mom called and said she was going to visit a friend that lives about 45 minutes from our house, and I said that was fine, my contractions weren't regular anyway. *** (tmi alert) *** I had been spotting all morning, but that had started to pick up. My sister called and I told her what was going on, and she decided to come over and hang out. She showed up about 2 hours later, and about 5 minutes after she arrived, my contractions started to come 4 minutes, then 6 minutes, alternately for 45 minutes. I was starting to get nervous and thinking this was it, and decided to call my doctor to see when I should head in. The nurse assured me he'd want me to come in right away, and advised me to call Jason and my Mom to come watch the kids. I got off the phone and started to cry and told Misty I was scared. I hesitated to call because I knew he'd want me to come in right away. The nurse called back after talking to the doctor and said he wanted me to get there asap, and asked how long before I could get there. I told her it'd be an hour and a half, and she asked if my sister could bring me if she needed to...I said yes, but Jason made it and we were fine. I took a shower and the contractions continued to come about 4 or 5 minutes apart. I must have gotten really tense because once we were in the car, they started coming 7 minutes apart. We arrived at the hospital and the pains were getting more intense as we got admitted and continued to be about 7 minutes apart. My doctor asked if I want Prostoglandin Gel to speed things up, and I let my results-oriented nature get the best of me and agreed. They put the gel on my cervix at 2:40pm and I was instructed to lie flat on my back for 1 hour. After about 20 minutes, I told the nurse I had to go to the bathroom, as I couldn't stand the pain anymore and was desperate for the gel to run out of my cervix. My Doula said it would be better once it was out. I sat in the bathroom for the remaining 1/2 hour hiding from my nurse. She was waiting to out the monitors back on and the pain was so intense I couldn't stand having the belts on. I asked for pain meds after about 40 minutes of the gel being in, and she said she had to check me first. I couldn't stand the thought of it, but was desperate for releif, so I finally got on the bed and I was 5-6cm. No wonder the pain was so intense, I had dilated 3-4 cm in only 45 minutes....she took her sweet time getting the drugs drawn up, and I finally told her she was going to need to hurry up with that. Of course her response was that "these things take time" I finally got the meds ((Ph)Fentonol, I think??) and it made me feel drunk between the contractions, but really didn't do anything for the pain. At 3:30pm, the doctor came in to break my water and I was still at 5-6 cm, but the baby had come down A LOT, and I was 100% effaced. The pain got really insane, and I just rocked and danced with Jason during the contractions, and then with my Doula. My doctor came in and I asked him if I could get more pain meds, and he said "I think we should have this baby instead" I was caught of gaurd, as with my last 2 babies, I had an urge to push and the minute the thought crossed my mind, the baby was out. I could feel that the baby was right there, and I laid down on the bed to be re-checked at 4:30pm. The doctor said I had a "little lip" but as soon as I pushed it would disappear. In the middle of the check, I got a charlie horse in my hip, and stood back up. ThE doctor asked what position I wanted tp push in, and I continued to stand up through another contraction. He said anything but standing would be good, and winked at Jason. He was getting worried that the baby was going to fall out onto the floor. I finally decided I better get in the bed, as I was feeling a little pushy. I did, and after 2 pushes, Archer Cole was born at 4:35pm. He was so tiny and beautiful, and I was so glad for the pain to be over.
He completes our family perfectly. When the kids finally got up to the hospital and our whole family was there together, I felt so overwhelmed at how much I love each of my children and my husband and at how blessed we really are. I want to remember that on the days when I am completley overwhelmed (much like today) and exhausted. Needless to say, Archer has stolen my heart and wrapped me around his tiny little pinky. I want to protect him from eveything and make sure he has a happy, fulfilled life. I just know that the things he will bring into my life are more than I could ever dream of or hope for. He'll take my breath away, make me laugh, make me cry, and teach me new things. I am looking forward to that.
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