2 1/2 cm
membranes stripped
Doctor expects to see me before the end of the week. We'll see.

My cute baby

Getting ready for a bath this morning...

Trae slept peacefully until 8:30a.m....after I put my camera away and decided on some snuggle time, just the 2 of us, I pulled back his hood and he had his nuk in. He's so precious, and maybe today will be the last day he is our baby.


So I'm a wake at 1:35a.m. Heartburn....and I thought since I can't sleep anyway, I'd post this:
We had Brookelyn's birthday dinner at Mom and Dad's last night. I made the cake all by myself!! Everyone complimented me on it, and Elliot was on to his second peice before everyone was served. It was a princess cake. It was gaudy. It was pretty. She loved it. My mom made a comment about chewing something that seemed like an egg that wasn't completely mixed in. I was sitting next to Misty, who shortly after that, held something up, and asked "what IS this?...I think I have, like an entire egg yolk!" I laughed so hard, I very well could have dropped the baby at the dinner table. It was flat out snorting. For about 5 minutes. My Dad was really disgusted, and asked how I managed to cook a whole egg yolk into the cake, and my Mom told my secret...."She doesn't use a blender, just stirs everything in..." "Well, we need to get her one, does she have one?" "Dad, I already have one, and I was tired okay." Another round of snorting and my Dad "that's gross. I'm not eating cake that you make anymore unless you use a blender." (me gasping for air and writhing) It was hilarious, still is except I'm waking my family so I have to stop laughing so loud.
Brookleyn got a lot of nice gifts: A Yorkshire Terrier in a hot pink/leopard print carrying case, a camera, books, a Dora doll, and something else that I remember seeing wrapped, but not open. She had a fun little party, and as much as we hoped her brother would spoil it by making an appearance, he didn't and isn't, but maybe sometime today he will...?
I woke up with contractions (yesterday) and continued having them 6-13 minutes apart all day, except when I walked, then they were 1minute apart. I plan to relay this info to my doctor this afternoon....like in 14 hours.....and see what he says. He seems to be a little concerned about me going into labor on my own because I go so fast, and says that as soon as things start, I should get to the hospital. I am afraid of rejection though, or having to walk forever to keep the contractions going, so I haven't gone in all weekend because I didn't want to be sent home....yes, I know I should "let nature take it's course" but what if that means giving birth in my van? To mix things up, my Dad is leaving on business @ 9am and will be back Tue. night, so he of course says the doctor can't break my water until Tue night @ 5, in case his plane is delayed. My Mom says go ahead....I say asap....what will my doctor say? Who knows. What I do know is that I've had steady contractions for 3 days, and I am bruised and I am getting impatient. I am getting impatient and I am bruised. Patience is not a strong point...
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