update on the no baby situation. sigh....

I figured I'd update to let y'all know that the baby hasn't arrived yet....in case you were in suspense. More contracting though. I have to grocery shop tonight, so maybe I'll meet someone at the mall and walk for a bit.
I took a long nap, but since I heard a mouse and there was a fly that kept landing on me, it wasn't very restful. I was convinced we'd gotten all the mice since I haven't heard them or caught one in about a week. They were squeaking, which really made me furious and I wished I could have caught them and choked them to death. Did I mention that I am very moody? Yeah, just ask my husband, who is being surprisingly understanding...maybe because he's going fishing on Lake Michigan with my dad and will be going to a hotel tonight. Hope the baby doesn't mess up their plans......anyway, Trae is really big on checking all the mouse traps whenever we come home from somewhere, but he makes you take his hand and go because he's afraid to go by himself. And, I finally killed the fly, but I hit my arm so hard to do so that i'll probably have a bruise.
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