37 1/2 weeks........1 1/2 cm..........70% effaced........LOTS of contractions, even regular ones, but no baby yet.
I swear I could have been in labor yesterday. I was having contractions all day and when I got back from my appointment, they picked up. I was nesting like crazy, and I'll do a list because it was insane.
Stained the window in the living room
Wash the curtains
Washed and folded all the 0-3m laundry
Vacuumed my bedroom
Put the bassinet together
Scrubbed my shower
Cleaned up our bathroom
Washed windows
Made supper
Shined all appliances

The last thing was scrubbing my shower on my hands and knees(it's a walk in shower) and that got my contractions regular and 7 minutes apart. I finally went to bed around 11 and have been having contractions on and off today. I painted Brookelyn's dresser finally (you know, the one my husband lovingly offered to paint 3 months ago because he didn't want me inhaling the fumes), cleaned up the extra swing for consignment, 3 loads of wash, and hauled up more clothes to wash/sort/price for the sale. As soon a s Brookelyn's dresser is dry, I plan to put all her things in that dresser and Trae's things in her old one.(we sold his dresser to Misty) and organize the boys closet. I have to run to the chiro at 11, which hopefully will bring on labor. The baby is "right there" and the nurse practitioner said he could come anytime, or not for 3 weeks.....she was very annoying and discouraging and I'm glad I don't have to see her anymore. My doctor is always positive, and she was all "every pregnancy is different and you may not go early with this one...blahblahblah" I also asked her about the measurements as I am measuring just under 35 weeks, and she says it's nothing to worry about and asked if there was a reason I was worried. Um....because this is my baby and I want to make sure he's okay. I've heard of low fluid and things like that and she said I am w/in normal range and she "absolutely not worried" I told her I am way smaller than I've ever been with my other 3, and she said, cheerfully, "every pregnancy is different!!" Whatever, Moron.

Random Pictures....

Trae has been sitting on the potty and grunting a lot, but so far he hasn't actually gone.

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