On Break....

I forgot to post about the sling I bought on e-bay...it is a Karma baby sling that retails for $59.95. I got the bid at $16.50, and the shipping was $5. Not bad. To make the deal even sweeter, I paid for it on Sunday, and still haven't received it so I was beginning to wonder, but I got an e-mail from the seller who's wife was in the ICU all week, so he's sending it out today and refunding my shipping. Nice, since he could just say sorry and leave it at that. I just want it in time for convention because our doctor suggested that IF he's here and we go to convention, we should try not to pass him around so this will be his little cocoon:)
....man that list goes on and on and on and on.....anyway, I have been accomplishing a lot and am getting over heated and dizzy, so I figured I'd post quickly. I will, however, save you the boring details of what I've been doing and give you something(hopefully) entertaining.
Trae has been fascinated with my belly button lately. He play with it and says "baby, baby..." He seems to understand there's a baby in there. Case in point: He tries to give my belly button his nuk. He also tried to plug Jason's razor in there, so maybe not...!?:) He woke me up so sweetly by whacking me across the forehead with the vacuum cleaner attachment.(the hard plastic one that makes it longer)
I had planned on going to preps today, but have so much to get done and have been having hip pain and hot flashes, so I figured I'd better stick around home in case I need a nap:)
The adoption hearing went smoothly yesterday, and Nate, Marsha, & the girls made it to Georgia safely this morning. Congrats again to them, it's been a long wait...
Does anyone have a better solution to rust stains in the tub than CLR? It smells so nasty and probably isn't really good for the environment, but I tried a "green" tub cleaner and it didn't even touch it. Thanks:)...off to do that before the smell overtakes my entire house...
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