The Mice have Balls.

Last night, there was plenty of scurrying around, enough that I woke up several times...or maybe my bladder woke me and the mice kept me up? Anyway, we have a bajillion traps set and not one went off. I heard mice and running, but apparently they're to full yet from eating my flax seed neck wrap that they aren't in the mood to eat. Every time I do get up, I peek over the bed to make sure they aren't having a party at the side of my bed taunting and mocking me. When I stomp them to death they'll regret that...How do you get rid of mice, besides traps I mean. What if they're some new breed of genius mice and don't take the bait? And why, WHY is it that I HATE mice and I HATE snakes, and I have snakes outside my house every time I go outside, and mice inside my house keeping me up at all hours? Don't snakes typically eat mice? That's what I thought....I'm going to find some tom cats and hopefully that will take care of the mice outside before they sneak in. How do mice get in anyway? It's not like we make a habit of leaving our doors open, and I think our house should be sealed up pretty tight as it's only 2 years old...the pipe for the dryer maybe? I don't know, but I'm really distraught to have mice inhabiting my space, makes me so un-Zen. If I can just get rid of the stupid things, my stress level would plummet, whoosh, right down.

***A trap went off, but since my husband put them out, I can't find it. I did, however, observe that 4 traps have the peanut butter licked off, but are still set. Any suggestions? I am desperate....there is only a small pea-size amount, is that enough?
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