Don't worry, I'm in recovery now....

I am in recovery, I suffered a very mild heart attack just 30 minutes ago. Nesting has set in and so I decided to go through my closet and get rid of a bunch of Jason's things to make more room for mine:) As I cleared the floor of all my shoes (most of them I haven't worn for roughly 8 months) I noticed millions of mouse turds all over the floor. As I continued clearing everything off the floor, I realized what was producing all those turds...my $25 aromatherapy neck wrap. So I got to work vacuuming all the flax seed off the floor, which, incidentally makes my vacuum smell nice. Next, I started going through all my clothes. I did all the shelves and then began working on the hanging clothes. Apparently, there was a mouse (a baby, which means 10 brothers and sisters and a Mom and Dad are around here somewhere...) hanging out in one of my dresses because the little puke jumped down, squeaked, and ran around the wall of the closet dropping more turds on my freshly vacuumed floor. Of course, because I had the vacuum and all the shoes piled right outside the door, I had no where to run and I'm thinking climbing the shelves is out at this stage of my pregnancy. So, I panicked and hopped around on one foot, trying to grab the broom, which I did eventually get but then decided I wasn't in the mood to murder a mouse. Besides, it would only give me heartburn...my heart is still pounding, but I have a new plan. I am going to load all the kids in the van and take a trip to Walmart for a million traps that will be set in the closet until Jason gets home and can protect me from the mice, and empty the traps if need be. You'd never know there was a day when I'd die to play with the stupid things, I even caught a Gopher with my bare hands once, which, of course bit me....the neighbor boys stoned in to death (my heroes;)and we kept it in our freezer for years.

On a side note: I am not crazy like my husband seemed to think when I told him we had mice, and they were keeping me awake with their chatter at night! He looked at me like I was smoking something, and so I said "unless I dreamed it...but I'm pretty sure..." My Dad asked how they'd get in, again doubting my story. Well, when I drop all my dead mice on his doorstep, he'll believe me!
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