...Elliot changed the roll of toilet paper!! He even put in ON the roll, instead of on top! I was just wondering this morning if the kids were old enough yet to put their dish in the sink and their dirty clothes in the laundry with out being told EVERY TIME, and then he changes the roll. His dad doesn't even do that.

Speaking of Dad, he will be home tonight, which is great because I was wondering how I was going to make it until Thursday with all 3 kids by myself and have meeting here tomorrow.....

The kids are napping way late today, as I had a chiro appointment and picked up the remaining school supplies for Elliot. Considering Trae was put in bed 4 times and back up again, and then I was up EVERY HOUR to pee, then Trae fell off the bed after I went out to the couch because my back was spazing out, and then it got all crowded with both him and my belly so I got up at 4:30am, I figure I'll nap along with them!
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