* Brookelyn is quite the negotiator.....Elliot broke her watch yesterday(on purpose)so I told him he needs to buy her a new one. He was glad to do it too, he got his money out about 3pm yesterday and has been begging to go to Walmart since. Anyway, this morning they were eating breakfast and he told Brookelyn that Dad was taking him to Walmart to get her a watch. She said she wanted to come, and he said "well, don't you want it to be a surprise? Like, if I have enough, maybe I could get you a toy or something." She fired back " Elliot, I don't want a surprise, I just want a watch!" He says "what about a camera or some chapstick?" "Only a watch and some chapstick...but I wanna pick it out." Of course, he has $30 and wants to spend it all, so he thinks he's going to buy her all three, but I told him he only needs to buy her a watch.

* I found a post on Craigslist last night and this lady is trying to establish a business doing belly casts for pregnant women. Misty and Casey gave us some leftover casting material, so we were going to do it ourselves, but since I'll never be pregnant again, we figured we could leave it to an expert since we have the oppurtunity.....I don't know why it struck me as SO funny, but this is how our conversation went:

ME: Hey, there's a lady on here who wants models for belly casts...I should do it.

HIM: Well, you have to drive all the way to Sheboygan...

ME: Yeah, but it'd be really cool, and maybe it's plaster...

HIM: As long it's not some psycho.

ME: It's a lady, I'm sure Mindy is not a man...(stereotypical, I know...I just don't find women to be much of a threat...safety wise, I mean.)

HIM: Well, you don't know, she could be some weirdo...

ME: She has a business, it's Mindy's Art Studio...

HIM: Yeah, or she some freak who wants a baby and hacks you up when you get there and steals the baby...

ME: Laughing hysterically.....only because I never thought of that and never expected it to come out of his mouth. I figured that the "freak" idea was to cover up his protest of spending gas money to get there.

ME: Well, if we make it a date and you go along, can I?

HIM: That'd be better.

I haven't heard from her yet, but the process entails her plastering me from my neck to my bikini line, so I'm sure he'll survive.

*Another wedding today...in New London, whoohoo!!
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