I loaded up the kids and went garage saleing (hey Amanda...how do you spell that? Spell check suggests sailing which is obviously wrong, or is it not a word?) this morning. I can't sleep much past 5:30-6 because my back goes into spasms...I found a Kirby Vacuum that i originally thought was $10, but ended up being $40. This lady was selling it for her daughter, and said " that's a great deal you know, what do they sell for new like, $8-9,000.00" (yes, thousand) I corrected her and said my friend just bought one for around $1,200. I plan on vacuuming later just to make sure it works. I was on a mission to find a vacuum with the attachment for hardwood floors, so if it works it will really rock the house! I found a board jacket for Trae for this winter for $5, daddy should be proud, and a few things for the new baby. I found Elliot 8 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, and a backpack....all for $8! Not that I mind paying more, I paid $2-3 each for the outfits for the baby, it's just really awesome when people sell it dirt cheap. For what I pay for my clothes, if I can't sell them for a decent price, I'll take them to a consignment sale. Grandma Pam scored some really nice stuff on sale at Younkers, so between that and these things, Elliot's all set for school.
I picked up his list for school, and I am irritated because in 1st grade, all the supplies are communal, so the things I buy will be used by everyone and nothing gets marked. Seems unfair when I'm sure some kids parents won't get them the same quality items. Oh well, it must work out or they wouldn't do it that way. There are some things on his list, for instance, sharpie markers and dry erase markers that I think the price of school fees should cover. Oh, we also need to buy ziplock bags and kleenex. Last year, each kid had to bring in snacks and juice for an entire week, twice. I love the school, it's small and they know the kids by name (and my voice when I call) but it's expensive. Much like everything in life I suppose.
Oh, and I almost forgot....the farm down the road is selling calves for free! I told the kids we can't have a cow because we don;t have a barn. Elliot said that we can just build one and when I said that barns cost a lot of money, Brookleyn suggested we put Treasyn's old dog bed in the laundry room, and the calf could sleep on that!
***update: The Kirby works!!!...off for a nap:)
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