More Anya

Misty did awesome, like, really really awesome. On the baby, during labor...

Hmmm...I think he likes her!

Uncle Jason

Look at her compared to my hand.

I'm thinking Elliot will be proud when his new brother comes...

I love this girl.

A few pics of the neices...

Two peas in a Pod...

Marsha stopped by with the girls breifly to pick up Kimber. They are getting so big and on their way to crawling. We are going to miss them when they move to Georgia in a few weeks.

I loved this one of Olive...

...and this one of Ana, so I posted both.

Runny Poop:}

This morning I took a shower. Trae takes one with me since I can't get one in without him because he finds all sorts of things to get into and/or stands outside the door whining. We have a walk in shower, so he'll walk in with clothes on if he has to....NOTE: I promise that if he starts getting weird in there, I'll figure something else out.....anyway, we undressed and I got in and began washing my hair. He pretty much walks in and out during the shower and plays in the bathroom and stuff while I do my thing. Today, I noticed he stopped playing and looked down at his thingy, then at the floor and back to his thingy, and I assumed he'd peed, (we have a tile floor for easy clean up!!) and since I didn't have my contacts in, I couldn't actually see. He decided to come in the shower, and as he stepped on the rug, left little poop marks on it. Just as I asked him if he pooped, the steam from the shower brought the smell up to my nostrils and I didn't even have a chance to brace myself. Yes indeed, he pooped. I finished my routine, and then decided to tackle Trae. I looked at his butt the best I could without contacts, which isn't saying much, to make sure all the pop was off and then put a ton of baby wash in my hand and started scrubbing. Since I figured the poop was long since washed down the drain, I ran my hand up his crack to get it squeaky clean. I discovered A, that it wasn't even close to being clean, and B, that my son ate something the consistency of sand recently. Oh yeah, it was GROSS!! And, I have a thing about getting things on my hands, such as onion, or paint, or you know....poop! I made it though, and yes I smelled them and no, they don't stink. Trae was really unscathed by the whole thing. He just made boat noises and sang while I wiped the poop from his crack with my bare hands. I ran out to the living room to grab the wipes for easy clean-up of the floor, and when I came back he's standing naked over the trail of turds (runny now because he peed on them) pointing and talking like "did you see that someone pooped here mom?" I was tempted to take pictures of the little foot prints, but since they were runny turd footprints, I passed.
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