I took the kids into the doctor tonight. Elliot had been complaining all day about being dizzy, and he was running a temp. At about 3pm, he said his head and throat hurt. I looked at his throat and it was RED! Brookelyn's was also, but not quite as bad. She hadn't complained about anything, except that she wanted the air turned off because she was cold. Elliot also voted that the air be turned off, but I decided that they could wrap up in a blanket:) Anyways, into the doctor we went. Elliot's temp was 102, Brookelyn's was 100.6, Trae's was normal. He's been running a fever on and off for 3 days, but there's no pattern to it. They did strep cultures on the older two, which came back negative. Apparently it's just a virus, and usually lasts 2-3 days...Trae must have something else going on because his has lasted 3 days already. He isn't sleeping and wants to be held 24/7. I did manage to sweep and do a few loads of laundry today. I also got a nap for the 3rd day in a row! This to shall pass....I saw a saying today that I really liked: Remember the little things in life, for someday you'll realize they really were the big things. I think I may order the letters from UpperCase Living and put it on my wall.
I bought some things for the baby tonight. We don't need much, but I picked up some Nuk's and a package of diapers. I'm getting anxious to get the clothes washed up and everything all set for his arrival. I can't beleive it's only 6 weeks away, and I think we've almost settled on his name. Of course, we can't share it.

Mr. Trae is cute....

Unfortunately, I can't get anything done when he's doing it. I guess it's worth mentioning that my boys haven't really been feeling well, so all the kids (and I) slept until 9. Since then, all he wants to do is sit on my lap and rock. If I ask him if he wants to play with the kids, he shakes his head no and cuddles closer:) I did manage to sweep, and he followed me around stepping on my broom and dragging his feet through my dirt pile. He has made good friends with the Nuk he found, but daddy thinks it's a bad idea to let him have it. He sleeps really well with it, which would mean I could sleep better, so I'd really like to be able to let him have it at night. We went to bed about 10pm last night and slept until 9, but it's no exaggeration that I was up probably 12 times. Between going to the bathroom, getting up with Trae, and Elliot was up once with a pain in his leg and fever, even though I'm technically sleeping 11 hours, I am exhausted in the a.m. I'm hoping this gets better before the baby comes so I can catch up...

New words: Frisbee, sucker (guck-er), juice

****I took the kids outside to play on the swings. Trae has one of those airplane swings and I put my chair near it so I could read my magazine and push at the same time. When he needed another push, he'd slap the front of the plane, and apparently I'm the only good pusher around here because he threw a fit when the kids pushed him. It didn't last long because it is REALLY hot out. I'm thinking lunch and a nap!
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