...I think it's time to get supicious when my kids have been fighting ALL day and suddenly, they've picked me flowers and emptied out the garbage cans. Oh, and they took it out to the end of the road...

Belly Shot

Pocket Change

Our air conditioner is broken. We had it set at 69 all day yesterday and by supper time it was 78 in here, so we guessed there was a problem. The nice air guys who put scratches in our floor when they were here during construction showed up to look at it, and figured out that a compresser, or some such thing, has gone out. To replace this particular part is like $600 something, but since it's still under warranty, all we have to pay for is labor. "All said and done, it'll only cost $224!!!" Not exactly pocket change for us, but okay. Our home was built only 2 years ago, and since these parts usually last A LOT longer, according to the air guy, then am I rational in saying that since it shouldn't have gone out so soon, that I shouldn't have to pay someone to replace it when it does go out? Just a thought...we do need to fix it though, since I may be getting really crabby soon, what with this growing belly of mine:0)

On a positive note...Jason and I are going out tonight! We don't know when or where yet, I guess we'll be spontaneous. We do have to pick up a bassinet we found on craigslist...the deal of the year. Our bassinet is put together with rivets instead of screws, so it can't be tightened, and it's been through our other 3 kids, so it's really wobbly and we felt it was time for a new one. We looked on line at Baby's R US, and found many beautiful bassinets for 150-200 bucks. Not really what we want to spend. SO, we checked out craigslist and found a white eyelet bassinet that said best offer. Not wanting to offend anyone and offering like $20, I e-mailed her asking what she was hoping to get.....$10-15! She said she'd sell it to us for $10, which is pocket change for us! So other than picking that up, only time will tell what we have in store for us tonight.

Mom came over yesterday and we worked on organizing/cleaning our horrendous basement. We got a lot accomplished, but still have a long way to go.

I am getting impatient waiting for Anya to make her appearance...she's due in 1 week, but still....
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