***alas...I remembered what I wanted to post yesterday.

Trae got into the markers again...one washable, one permanent....of course I stood him on the table for the picture, this isn't normal conduct. Oh, and check out the Nuk...Trae decided at around 9 months that he didn't have a use for it anymore. He walked around with it for about an hour before grandpa showed up and took it away. Of course, it would have been taken eventually as we don't need to have to break him of it again, but he was so cute with it.

***We were driving home from my appointment, and Elliot and Brookelyn were discussing what they want to be when they grow up. (both want to be "photogafers") An argument broke out because Elliot doesn't want Brookelyn working at his work, but she says she'll work where she wants. She asked me, and I said brother's and sister's can work in the same place....

Brookelyn: "Yeah, we can work in the same place. I was thinking about what I wanted to be when I was in mom's belly."

Elliot:(laughing)"No, you weren't! Baby's are in a bag in there!"

Brookelyn: "Well, I was thinking about it IN the bag...I was in mom's belly, in a bag, and I was thinking that I wanted to be a photogafer."

Elliot: "Well, I wasn't in a bag, I was just inside her belly, not in a bag. And I was in there before you."

Brookelyn: "yeah, I KNOW that."

On a side note: Trae is a purebred monkey. (see above picture of him swinging from the chandelier) This morning, Elliot was running across the living room, up onto the coffee table and hopping off, and running back into our dining room.....with Trae in hot pursuit! I guess he was a tad slower, but up onto the coffee table he hopped and was all ready to jump off. I grabbed him before he did, and he started kicking and trying to get down. Then he started to "holler" about me foiling his attempt to jump off the coffee table. Unbelievable. I'm hoping for a really mellow 3rd son...oh, and I put a stop to this whole line of behavior...we DO NOT let our kids jump off the coffee tables!
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