Yesterday I went down to Sheboygan to get Kimberly so she can watch the kids today...I have 3 shoots and a meeting with a couple to make sure they like my personality. Anyway, Nate and Marsha have 3 Bichon-Frise dogs, Luke, Lucy, and Leinus. Trae was playing fetch with them, and they'd bring the ball back and let him takw it out of their mouth. At one point, Luke dropped the ball, so Trae (picture this now) was still standing, but he bent down to pick the ball up with his mouth! To bad I didn't have a camera on hand. He also enjoyed playing in the twins' walker. His feet bent back behind him, but he had fun anyway. He'd stand along side it, lift his leg over, and climb in. He didn't have such an easy time getting out though, he had to wait for us to get him out. To bad they don't make a confinement device for kids his age! I think we'd need a cage for him....
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