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1. I can spread my toes really far apart....Jason and lots of other people seem to think this is a talent because they can't do it. I can also bend my fingers back really far.
2. My mom's friend called me Amber Du-Wop when I was younger.
3. I never wear panty hose. Ever.
4. I wish I had a personal masseuse. Oh, and a personal chef.
5. My feet are aching and swollen. Come to think of it, my whole body feels swollen and all my maternity capri's that I wear to shoot weddings are cutting off my circulation. So that means I have to get some that aren't under-the-belly fit, because I have weddings the next 5 weekends. Oh, and one more circulation thing...the under wire in my (to small) bra was digging into my armpit and my arm has been numb for about 2 hours. My girls grew in the last weeks, but don't worry, I bought a bigger bra tonight.
6. I've realized lately that loud noise REALLY bothers me. I just cringe...
7. I can read lips very well.

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This is Trae last night...this will likely go on the wall. It reminded me of the one of Elliot below.

This is Elliot at about 2 1/2
***this is a picture of a picture hanging on our wall...sorry about the glare!

Trae cut his right top eye tooth...finally! He also says "diapah, peez?" when he needs his diaper changed. The other night, Trae was crabby in the night so Jason grabbed him from his crib and brought him into our bed. I took him and realized he was stark naked. We got him diapered and back to bed, but he was commando in the morning again! He has only slept through the night once since we returned home from Montana...I called that one. He cut both his top eye teeth, but is working on the bottom two, so I think it might be awhile. Hopefully i'll be able to get a few weeks of good sleep before the next little guy comes along.
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