Our weekend....

was busy and fun! We went to Logan's birthday party, which was really fun and all done up in monkeys. He was skeptical of his cake, but did manage to get a taste and then all was good. Misty, Casey, Nikki, Tony, Jason, Brookelyn, Trae, and I all decided that we were hot and decided to go to Bear Lake for a swim. The guys took the kayaks and went fishing and the kids swam...I stood in knee deep and watched them and my sisters thought it was to cold, so they vegged on shore. We crashed mom and dad's place (their not home)because Nikki and Tony are staying there to feed the animals and made pizza and brownies. Then we played a mean round of Cranium and left just as the storm moved in. Today we went to meeting and then lazed around the house and dozed....and I have another pan of brownies in the oven:0) Tomorrow I have one, possibly two shoots and Friday I have three. I'm still working the babysitter thing out for Friday, as I have to shoot during the day and all my usual babysitters are on vacation. I think Kimberly might be able to watch the kids though, so I'm hoping I'll hear from her tonight and can stop stressing about it. I'm waiting on my little niece to be born...she technically has until August 7 to make her appearance, but her mom and I think she should come now! I am starting to get more uncomfortable, but I'm trying to stay cool and in good spirits. Our little man has his feet everywhere...yesterday morning he must have had his leg stretched out because his little foot was sticking out the top of my belly about 2 inches! Anyhow, I have to go eat my fresh brownies, so I'll let this be all.
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