It's what's for supper

I don't typically take or post pictures of food, but I made a lovely meal tonight and the colors were so pretty I decided to photograph it....I'm expanding my horizons on the creative front! We ate well and good.
**I posted some cool stuff on my photo blog as well, feel free to check it out.

Trae loves watermelon

Trae went into the tub to be cleaned up from the last snack of watermelon. Before I could get his diaper on, he discovered Elliot's leftovers on the table and dug in. So back into the tub he went. His butt is sooo cute, I couldn't resist.

...And they're off!

The plan was for Mom, Dad, Erica,and Elliot to be off to Minnesota fishing around 8am. Elliot was up at 6:30am asking when they'd be here. They showed up around 9:30am...

New words: fishing pole
New phrase: I got one! (when he shoots something)

Busy, busy week ahead. We have so much stuff to get done, but being so busy this summer has kept us from a lot. We have a list we are hoping to accomplish w/in the next week. This heat is getting unbearable, now I remember why I vowed never to be pregnant through the summer again!
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