With Elliot I had NO stretchmarks on my belly...just on my hips.
With Brookelyn, I got a few about an inch up from the bottom of my belly.
With Trae, the few I had stretched up half way to my belly button.
With this (still un-named) little guy, the stretchmarks are now reaching my belly button.
Not that the things pregnancy does to my body bother me that much. I'd totally take them over a kid free life any day, I'm just making an observation. I suppose I'll have Jason take an updated belly shot so you can see my progress. My sisters seem to think I'm small. Regardless, I still feel like a whale rolling over in bed. Thankfully, the swelling has stayed to a minimum....a few more weeks and we'll be meeting our baby boy!

The story behind the pictures...

Elliot and Brookelyn both enjoyed the plane ride, for the most part....Elliot was excited at first, but he's afraid of heights, and the higher we got the more he freaked out. He started to cry a little (which made me cry) but soon he was just fine. Trae had a hard time staying awake as we were climbing, as did I. It felt like we were breathing in laughing gas! The picture of the kids sleeping is on our first flight home. They played hard and were exhausted.

The picture below Jason took of the sun over the wing of the plane.
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