Any Ideas??.....

....on how to get the mothball smell out of Brookelyn's new dresser? I don't want to put her clothes in it with it smelling so awful, any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!


~ I had my 31 week check today....the baby is head down. All my kids turned by 30 weeks and stayed head down, but he is still small enough to turn so hopefully he stays as is until he's born. My glucose test result came back at 64...anything under 140 is passing. Oh, and I lost a pound.

~ Trae learned a ton of new words lately: Football, airplane, Nate, Water, buffalo, & boat. He also said a sentence. Diapeh. poop. mama. He cut is left eye tooth, and the right one is almost through.

~ Elliot was asking how the baby gets out. Being vague, I said you push it out. He knew that, but where does it come out? "Ummm...your bottom." "What's that?" he says. "I know what that is, Brookelyn chimes in, you know, your private parts?" They had many questions about whether it hurts, how bad, if I 'll cry, why I'd cry, onandonandon...this is why I could never have my kids near me when I'm giving birth, I just don't think I could handle all the questions.

~ I plan on uploading pictures of the rest of our trip, but I really need to get some things done around the house, so sometime soon I'll get to it.

~Jason will be home around 10 p.m. Hooray!
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