Fox Valley Children's Museum

Nikki and Tony opted out of the Museum, so Heather and I braved it with the kids. We hung out for about 2 hours, but us baby making machines were starving, and I was tired of running 3 different directions. I don't think we got our $19.50 worth, but we made up for it at Olive Garden on their soup, salad, bread stick deal. I was nice and full, I barely made it home before crashing out. After a nice nap, I got up and updated my blog one last time before leaving for 9 days. I won't be blogging while we're there, and my cell will be off because we don't have service. I don't know how I'm going to handle that...we'll see!!

Mr. Logan. He was trying really hard to figure out how to pick up 3 balls all at once. He is about to become the protective big brother of a baby sister!! I imagine she'll be just as cute as he is...Congrats to Heather, Justin, and Logan, I can't wait to spoil her.

Trae had a blast on this thing...

Elliot driving a crane

Trae finally getting to drive. I'm pretty sure he budged with his climbing on the steering wheel maneuver

Brookleyn driving...and Trae IN the steering wheel.

Trae loved the fire truck....

Blazin' Brookelyn

Elliot the fire fighter...if my kids decide to be fire fighters or pilot's (not on my dream list, of course I would never hinder them...)I'll have Fox Valley Children's Museum to thank.

Trae put on his "ball face" Oh yeah, he makes it every time he has balls! He's actually saying "ball, ball, ball, ball...."

Trae had this cute little tongue thing going on

Logan in the water play area...we discovered after we removed the kids from this area that the water was rancid. Even baby wipes didn't take care of the smell.

Captain Elliot....I thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to acquaint them with the plane, and just in time for them to board one tomorrow.

No rain as we entered the parking ramp....downpour as we left it. I wish I the picture of me running with 3 kids in a downpour!

Rain rain, go away

well, we are supposed to be meeting Nikki, Tony, Heather, & Logan at the zoo this morning....but it's storming. The forecast calls for thunderstorms throughout the day. Maybe we'll have to meet at the Children's Museum instead? The kids would like that. So would Tony.

We got to see Nikki and Tony last night. They (finally!!) arrived back from Costa Rica. They brought back some cute t-shirt's for Elliot and Brookelyn, and a gorilla for Trae. He has already established a love/hate relationship with the poor thing. He'll hug it, and they fling it on the ground. I wish I knew what he was thinking. If I knew how to put videos on my blog, (hint, hint, computer literate friends!!:)) I could show you all these things.

Tomorrow we fly out to Montana. I think I'm going to cry when we take off. Jason keeps telling me that I need to play it up for the kids so we don't have to force them on the plane, but I'll offer to wait with them. Grandma Pam suggested medicating them to mellow them out. I just hate flying, and haven't flown for almost 5 years. The other really depressing thing, is that our whole family, Nate & Marsha's whole family, Steve, Pam, Aaron, and Kimberly are all on the same flight from MN to MT. That means if our plane goes down, our whole family is wiped out. My eyes are teary and I'm about having an anxiety attack as I write this. So, I guess we pray really hard. Aagh...I love vacation, but I HATE flying.

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