I have been really nauseous all week....I think I might be pregnant. What do you think?

putting off packing....

.....today is my last day to pack...tomorrow we're going to the zoo. I thought I'd put it off a bit by posting.

New words: boat, moo(mmmmmoo, vs. mooooo) Milk. Not sure if I posted that one yet, but he says milque, like with a German accent. Yuck, as in "mom, I took off my poopy diaper and the turd fell on the floor, yuck."

Hmmmm, what else? Oh. Trae has been very amused lately when he burps/farts. In meeting on Sunday he burped, threw his head back, and chuckled. Anytime he does either, he'll look to see if you noticed and then laugh to himself.

Spell check recognizes poopy as a mis-spelled word, however, poop is correct.

Uggghhh...okay, I'll go pack now.
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