Since he is really claustrophobic, he took the first picture with his arms around them, and then went into this pose all on his own. I love the crossed ankles.

Trae and the "be-be's" He was up when we got home at 10:45...the girls were asleep, and he kept looking in the pack-n-play, pointing at them, and saying "be-be's"

Brookelyn and Ana

Olive's super cute, super heartbreaking lip curl.
*Last night we went out to the comedy club with a few friends...I won 20 tickets. It was a good time once we got past the first 3 acts...
*Tonight I am going over to Misty's to paint Anya's nursery. She'll be here really soon.
*I decided in the heat of the moment that I am going to be induced as soon as my doctor will do it. It is to hot, and plus, I want to go to Marion convention. Since I'm always early, it may not happen but for now, that's my intention.
*I broke down and used Tums powder packs. They are really chalky, which I hate, so I avoid them. I had heartburn for 2 days and then had jalapenos with my nachos at the comedy club. I took 2 and it worked like a charm!
*Tomorrow is Misty's shower....I also have to shoot a wedding. A ritzy one, the reception is at the Paper Valley.
*We bought chain link fencing (craigslist again) I am paranoid since we have a pond, so I hope to have it up soon. We've actually had chain link bought and in our garage for about 2 years....this came with 4 gates and top rail, so I'm hoping since it's all here, we'll get it up.
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