89 Degrees....it's definitely summer

Heat rash??......

I'm hoping. This rash appeared under his chin, under his arms, and all down his back. We've got him running around in his birthday suit...

Trae's shoe of choice this morning
Trae wanted to go outside so bad...these are two different pairs of shoes, and the one is on the wrong foot.

silly goose

piggy tails scream summer time.

Brookelyn "reading" her Bible this morning
I had my glucose test today, and then we ran a bunch of errands to get things for Misty's shower this weekend. I also got stain for Elliot's bed and our trim. I was in the bathroom at Walmart(to much iced tea at lunch) and these two ladies were talking about how constipated the one was. So far she's tried prunes, raisins, and fiber. She also tried Fiber One bars, but they only made her gassy! Since I heard her life story on her bowels, I figured there's no shame in sharing with the rest of the world. Luckily the doctor cleared me to fly since we leave for Montana next Thursday morning, and I already bought my ticket. I've gained more weight with this pregnancy than I did with the last two, so I'm a little down about that. My doctor said I was on the lower end with my last two, and he's not worried as I have about 10more pounds that I can gain and still be in the healthy range for weight gain. I am retaining a lot of water these days with the heat and finally broke down and turned our air on.
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