Busy Weekend

*Got the garage all cleaned...just in time to fill it up with the trim for our house. It's embarrassing to admot that we've never parked a vehicle in our garage. I didn't take before or after pic's, but it's a huge improvement. Once all the beds are stained/painted and the trim is done we'll beable to park in there!
*Hung up hooks in the garage for shovels ect. and bought shelving for all the odds & ends things that were sitting around.
*Stained most of Elliot's bed. I ran out of stain and plan to pick it up when I go into town on Wed. I am looking to re-paint the boys room, and looking for suggestions. It's brown now, but I want to freshen it up a bit. The decor is log cabin/deer heads/turkeys, so suggestions please!
*Went back to Old Navy to exchange the dress I bought for pictures....they didn't have the next size. It fit everywhere but the chest....hello, you'd think they'd consider that. I went into Motherhood, thinking they'd have something, and since all they do is maternity maybe they'd ahve a better fit. I found on shirt after looking and then going through the whole mall and settling....just to find out it's the wrong color orange. I may look online.
*Got lots of laundry washed, but not folded or put away...that's on my to-do list.
*Like I said, we got our trim. The sky was blue and sunny, but it decided to downpour....Jason and I started unloading it off the trailer as fast as we could. Our garage floor gets so slippery when it's wet, and I almost wiped out three times. It took about 5 minutes for us to get it all, and as soon as it was all in the garage, the rain stopped. It didn't rain for the rest of the day. Needless to say, I was very frustrated because the first words out of Jason's mouth were "this sucks, now it's all gotta be sanded down..." It only took us 2 1/2 years to FINALLY get the trim, and now we add another (huge) step to the process. Jason about ripped his nipple off in the process of unloading the trim. After my getting all frustrated, he says we MIGHT have to re-sand it all...sigh.
*I mowed part of the lawn. The tire went flat, so that needs to be replaced before I can finish that job.

My house is now trashed from ignoring to get other things done outside, so I get to tackle that now. I have a ton of things that I want to get done before the baby comes so we'll see how long this energy lasts. Jason is (or better be) finishing up his side job tonight. It is taking an entire night longer than planned, and I know after fighting all day with the kids to clean their rooms and tackling the house I am going to be miserable by the time he gets home. I suppose if I know that, I could do something to prevent it...I get so frustrated lately because Elliot and Brookleyn fight all day, the house is much messier now that Elliot's home, Brookelyn doesn't want to help with anything like she used to when Elliot was in school, they both tattle constantly, and they both maul Trae until he's crabby and wants to sit on my lap all day, preventing me from getting anything done. We still got the whiny thing going on...Mom-a, Brookelyn-a won't-a blahblahblah...and Brookelyn has started crying about everything! This morning, for instance, I thought she was hurt or something, she was crying so hard. She finally sobbed out that Elliot took the last spoon...it's like PMS, but really, really early. We need to get a routine established, and then we'll leave for Montana and come home and they'll be totally thrown off again.
I decided to wait until Aug. 30 to have my garage sale. My mom will be gone when I'd planned to have, and I'd have to do it only thur & Fri because we have a birthday party on that Sat. (don't worry Melissa, you can go through the clothes that weekend still)

Elliot's bed after I re-stained it. I was really happy with the result...Jason liked it better the other way.

Elliot's bed before I re-stained it.

He is really into ice lately. It will occupy him the entire time we're at the mall if need be...he went for bigger and better chunks, as he had free range of the cooler.

We went to a surprise birthday party for Adam last night after gospel meeting. Trae wanted to play with a balloon, and it was filled with helium, so I came up with this idea. He reminded me of a bike with a flag.
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