Canoe (tr)Dip

My dad, Jason, Elliot, and Brookelyn decided to take a canoe ride and see if they could catch some fish....The last thing I said when I dropped them off at the boat landing? "Don't let them fall in." My Dad said if they did, they'd make sure and save them. Call it mother's intuition.
Elliot comes running into the house and yells that he's soaked, they tipped over, and Brookelyn was stuck under the boat. She coughed REALLY hard. My Dad was standing outside the door, telling Elliot to get back outside so he didn't get the floor wet. I really think he wanted to spare us the juicy details. Anyway, Brookelyn says she's never going canoeing again, which may ring true. We took a canoe trip when I was around 6-7, and my little sister, Nicole was pinned under the canoe. We couldn't find her for a bit, and I was really scared. I haven't set foot in a canoe since. Luckily everyone was fine. Brookelyn lost one really cute shoe, and Jason and Dad's cell phones are trashed. It's very ironic that Jason never seems to have his phone when it's convenient, but the time that it isn't convenient, he had it.

Changing Table!!

This is the peice of furniture I picked up yesterday...I decided it will make a nice dressing table until the little guy get bigger. I can store all the diapers and wipes in the area below. It needs to be dusted, but that's about it.
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