We made a trip into the mall today and met up with Marsha, Kimber, and the girls. I bought a pair of shorts to wear as pj's in MT. We headed over to Old Navy and bought all 5 of the kids matching outfits(our 3, their 2) because we are getting family pic's done out there. This is what we came up with for our kids...Ana and Olive got matching dresses with the same colors and kind of a paisley print. Oh, and I picked up a dress...the last maternity dress I am buying!

I also stopped at a rummage sale and bought a distressed black cabinet for our room, for $35. I loaded it up myself, but I'm opting to wait until Jason gets home to unload it. Maybe I'll post a pic later.

Our to-do list for this weekend:

*clean out the garage
*set up Elliot's new bed. Also sort through and organize his closet/dresser.
*paint Brookelyn's bedroom set.
*clean out the van
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