Bikini Wash

...you all had to egg me on, dintcha? I took a moment after reading the comments from my earlier post to hop into my bikini and clean my van. Do I think I looked good? Nope. But the whole way through I giggled to myself at the insane thing I was doing for all my neighbors to see. One lady drove by twice, but she didn't give me a second glance, so I think she just forgot something in town. The neighbors across the road both left, but didn't wave. Not sure if that was because I was camouflaging everything but my head behind my van, or if they were disgusted and pretending they didn't see me...oh well, I feel liberated, and I hereby challenge anyone with body issues(trust me, I am usually guarded when I feel insecure) to put on a swimsuit they wouldn't normally wear, and go clean their vehicle in the driveway. All you competitive folk go, and post about how it made you feel when you finished. I feel great, and I'm posting this still wearing this ridiculous suit which I can't even see the bottoms of over my belly, but I'm glad I did it. I think we reject ourselves more than others do. The neighbors probably didn't care that I was washing my van in a bikini when I'm 7 months pregnant, but I still hurried and got a lump in my throat each time someone drove by, expecting a point and a laugh....a moo. So while I'm not confident enough to post pictures for all to see, I will tell you what I did, eventhough it makes my seem crazy. And I'll take not commenting as a sign you think I'm insane. Ready girls...Go....you'll feel better when your done.


Not much to report, but I do have this for you:

At some point on Tuesday, a flock of birds flew over my van and had bowel movements simultaneously. I may have to get into my bikini for a scrubbin...or drive to the car wash, I haven't decided yet.
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