We have been talking about selling Jason's dirt bike for years. He rides it like, twice a year. Finally, I put it on craigslist. Last night this guy called at 9:30pm, and wanted to come look. He said he wanted it so much that he wanted to come last night, and he could only get $200 out of the ATM, but he'd write a check for the rest and then leave his drivers license here until the check cleared. He finally showed up at 11:30pm and then Jason gave it to him for $50 less than what we were asking. We had another guy offer us that same amount in cash, so I was irritated that I now have to deal with making sure this check doesn't bounce(they ended up giving us over 1/2 in cash, and his girlfriend wrote out a check for the rest) And, he didn't get their drivers license. Argh...rant over.
Craigslist has become my friend. I've sold enough stuff recently to cover the second installment of our taxes...yea)just what I wanted to do with the money. SO my plan is to keep listing stuff that's just been sitting around collecting dust/taking up space.

I have a shoot this morning at 10, the problem is I haven't heard from the lady and I have no directions. I'm hoping she's just waiting until 8 am to call, because if I take the kids to my mom's this early and don't hear from her, I'll hesitate to re-book. She doesn't seem like that though. I don't have her #, stupid me I didn't save it in my phone, and the rest of our contact was by e-mail. I hope it works out...she has a 9 month old, and they're always a blast to photograph.

I finally heard beck from the girl with the camera, but I think it's some type of a scam. The post has been removed, but she e-mailed me this morning saying she's in the UK for her school and has the gear with her. " if your still interested in the sale, drop me a line and maybe we can work something out. So drop me a lien if your up for grabbs!" Hmm, I'm betting she'll want me to send her a check. I requested more info, and told her I'd have to see the gear first, but I'm definitely not sending any money. The gear will have to be in my hands before I give her a cent.
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