That's Mr. Attitude to you, Mom!

Flowers from Brookelyn

Breakfast this morning.

Trae has a major attitude lately. He started a new thing where he head butts me when he's upset, usually in the nose or collar bone. The other night he was doing it, hopped off my lap, and smacked his nose right down on the coffee table. Last night, he threw a major fit because he was playing with the pens below. He was pointing at the rocker and saying please, so I assumed he wanted me to rock him. Then he started pointing to the pen, which was near a notebook, so I assumed that he wanted to sit on my lap in the rocker and color. NOT so! He melted into a heap on the floor and screamed for 5 minutes and then gathered his things and came up on my lap. Each time I'd try to color, he'd screech at me, so I finally just let him do his thing. What he wanted and did do for about 10 minutes, was put the pen in the spiral binding of the notebook, and take it back out again. I was trying to re-post Jason's dirt bike on Craigslist, so I carried him over to the computer and thought he could sit on my lap and play with the pen. He sat on my lap for a few minutes, and kept dropping the pen cap....and each time he had to get down and get it, then crawl back up on my lap. Well, he found another pen...same color and everything. He was trying to hold the notebook and one pen, and put the other pen in the binding. He continued dropping the caps to said pens. Oh, and when he'd drop them, he couldn't find them because they match our floor really well, so I had to find them. Finally he got frustrated and sat in my lap sobbing and talking about it to me. I felt bad because he was so frustrated and I know that feeling well. He started throwing an actual fit about something and wouldn't stop, so I put him in his crib. He decided to head butt that, and then stick his fingers down his throat. He puked all over the place three times, and came out with a bruised up head.

Brookleyn during her nap yesterday.

All the other Stuff:
* The lady that sold me Brookelyn's bedroom set e-mailed me yesterday and offered to sell me the remaining pieces....a nightstand, dresser, and hutch, all painted in the paint that I bought for the rest....for $75.

* I found a Canon 20D camera with 4lenses, a battery pack, flash, and a few other extras...for $700. A very great deal, but she won't get back to me. One of the lenses sells for $1650.00, and the Camera itself sells for $600. The camera will be Jason's, along with two of the lenses, and the rest for me. Jason is doing a side job now, and we sold some things on craigslist, so it's an okay time to spend the money, and would be a phenomenal deal.

* Mom and Dad want to take Elliot along on their fishing trip in July, and then when they go before school starts again, they'll take Brookelyn. Erica wants to go see a glass blower, so they're thinking WI Dells or something.

* Jason and I(meaning me) are going to plan a weekend getaway before #4 is born, which is in less than 14(12!) weeks. Something simple and cheap, and relaxing.

* Trae made a connection yesterday...He was waiting to get his diaper on after a shower, and peed on the floor. He looks down at the puddle, to his peepee, and then back down and chuckled. Hopefully he'll be interested in potty training soon.
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