Fun Fact:

My parents dogs bark all day and all night!

Foaming at the mouth

Oh. My. Word. You would not believe how much Elliot and Brookelyn fight. This morning they were all geared up for a game of hide and seek. Brookelyn comes to me to tattle for the 27th time today, telling me that her and Elliot were going to play hide and seek, but he said he gets to hide every time, and she has to find him, because he thought it up. He says no, he gets to hide FIRST because he thought it up. She says he already hid, and he says no he didn't. She says she's not playing because he aways gets to hide first. He says, again, that he thought it up. He tries to talk her into playing and she says "NO". He gives up, and she says "are you going to still play Elliot?" He says no, and she says, "well I am....." She was trying to get him to let her go first by saying she wasn't playing, but he didn't bite, and they ended up not playing. It is storming yet again, so sending them outside to play is out. No matter if they go to bed at 7:30pm or 10pm they still get up at 6:30am. I am so tired today, and for some reason they shut all the lights off, so we're sitting in the dark with the rain on the roof top, and it is putting. me. to. sleep.....ZZZZZZ. Trae actually fell asleep in my lap while I typed this far, so my plan is to try to get the other two to take an early nap, and then I can sleep. It really is the perfect day for it. I have a meeting with Deb tonight to go over set up for a new lighting system I'm to use Saturday at the wedding I'm shooting solo, so I need to be well rested! Now that I rationalized it in my head, I should be able to sleep peacefully.

New words: baby, fish, and um. As in "what do you say?" "Uum, please!" he using uum at the beginning of most sentences. Oh, and he copies Erica's goat, so last night in meeting while he was looking in his animal book, he bleated like a goat in a really high pitched voice....considering there were only 12 people in our meeting last night, he decided to take part!

AS soon as I publish this post, I'll remember a few other things I wanted to say.

....like that I had a wood tick crawling on me the other day, and now I keep dreaming that they are actually embedded in my skin. I also had a dream last night where I was standing on the edge of a bridge and thinking I should jump. Then once I realized the dying part, I decided I better not, and turned around and walked back. The really odd thing is that usually in my dreams I'm afraid of heights like I am in real life, but this was really high, like 200 feet, and I wasn't afraid at all.
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