Schools out for the summer...

The kids and I just got back from having a picnic with Elliot at his school. He decided to stay until 1:15 and ride the bus. He also sat the first half of the picnic at an entirely different table than us. Boy did we(I) feel snubbed. Anyway, I'm thinking that he is sort of out growing me or something. I got his report card, which says on the outside of the envelope "promoted to 1st grade" so that's good. I got a packet of his writings from throughout the year. Like a journal. He made one recent entry that says "I went frisbee golfing. My sister got hit from my grandpa." Humorous to most everyone, except say, my dad. It's illustrated so nicely with the basket, and then Brookelyn standing there and my dad throwing the frisbee directly at her!
So, that's one year down twelve to go for Elliot, and one year closer to my having to let him go.(if he wants, maybe he won't) I'm scared that every year of my children's life is going to fly by before my eyes, and soon they'll be gone. Depressing thought of the year. We were having a discussion last night about whether kids love their parents more, or parents their kids. All of us parents know the answer to that. It was brought up how kids love their parents, but have more important things to worry about, and tend to forget their parents a little. Something, say, a car or a boyfriend/girlfriend replaces the spot their parents had, and what choice do we have but to accept it? We are the ones that are suppose to encourage them, but what if that means giving them up in a lot of ways? We've spent their LIFE making sure they were fed and clothed and safe,and when they say it's time we're supposed to trust them to do it on their own? I'm glad I have 12 more years(at least) to prepare my heart for it.

Now that I'm all emotional, I think I'll go find some Tums, they fed us hot dogs at the picnic.
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