Brookelyn was telling us tonight before meeting that we have marbles in our eyes. "Even Trae, because we have real eyes first, but then they get smushy, so we have to have marble ones then." Hmm. okeydokey.

What-a, I'm not doing that-a!

This is what Mr. Traeman was up to yesterday....

Is it okay to admit that something your kid does really gets on your nerves? Yeah, okay, good. Elliot has within the past week started talking like this-a. He doesn't want-a Brookelyn-a by him right now-a because-a she-a has-a gross-a breath-a. I asked what it smelled like, and it smells-a like dead-a skin-a. Okay, a little exaggerated, but at least you'll understand what I'm going through! When I copy his behavior, he says he's not talking like that-a. I'm not mocking him, but I wanted him to know what he sounds like and what the difference is. I'm glad tomorrow is his last day of school, so that whoever he picked this up from(Braiden) isn't influencing him anymore-a. I can't handle it, and it sounds like whining to me.

This ones for you Lindsey....

Let me know what you think....I came across this on my card the other day. Kinda freaked me out.


*Meeting is here in less than 10 hours.
*Nicole & Tony's wedding is in less than 4 days.
*We leave for Montana in less than 32 days.
*My garage sale is in less than 48 days.(gulp)

* Check out my new format under Amber's photo journal, I decided to do a different blog that's not directly connected to this one, so that clients/prospective clients can't see my whole life's story. I will be posting a lot more pictures on that blog as well. I'm in the process of going through my archives and posting my work throughout the years for people to view. There's not a lot there now, but I will be posting and cleaning throughout the day:)
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