7am: got up and got Elliot in the shower, dressed, and off to school by 7:40am.
7:45: Me, Trae, & Brookelyn crawled back into my bed and slept until 10:15am.
12pm: Brookelyn tells me she is tired and is going to take a nap in the living room, while I'm rocking Trae. I decide to take advantage of rare opportunities, and Trae and I go climb back into my bed, and sleep until 2:30p.m., when Brookelyn gets up and comes to wake us.
Between that, I updated my blog, cleaned the germ infested bathroom, washed my rugs, fed the kids, and showered. Do I feel guilty? A little. Do I feel refreshed? Absolutely. Apparently the kids had a great time at Misty's and it wore them all out. I know I was drained. Elliot and I are going grocery shopping and to pick out his Birthday present and a treat for his class. He just walked in, so the kids and I are going to take our walk before Jason gets home.


I was enlightened and inspired this weekend. I decided that my camera goes where I go, and the things that me me feel good will be documented on film.(SD card!!) I really was inspired by looking at a blog of another photographer and seeing that she loves what she does, and does it daily. I want to take more abstract pictures, and more landscapes. My photography blog is about to turn into a photo journal...and I will be adding stuff a lot. I will put a link up when I get it in order, I don't know if that will happen this week or not, we've got meeting, Elliot's birthday, the wedding, ect., but next week for sure.

I also decided that some type of exercise in in order every day, my body feels old and isn't taking this pregnancy stuff so easily anymore! I am soo stiff when I get up. I figure walks with the kids and yoga are a good start....I don't have them time to do the gym. Plus, I'd get laughed at when I lost my balance on the treadmill and get hurdled into a wall...!! I don't have the time to drive to a gym, work out, drive home. So, I'll settle for this. I've been inspired again, Thanks Stacy! to get my house organized, especially the garage and basement. I have an entire gym down there! We'll save that (the gym) for after the baby! So, I'm off to get my house in order, and take the kids for a walk today. (camera in hand!)

Oops! I almost forgot....the pictures were taken at Misty's graduation party yesterday afternoon. We all atayed home from meeting, Jason still felt sick to his stomach, and I woke up with a migraine and neck ache. I took some Tylenol with Codeine(doctor prescribed, taken only when someone's here with me) and Viola! my headache went away. Apparently, this flu thing is the 24 hour kind, because as quickly as everyone got it, it was gone. We all layed down and we decided to play it by ear as far as going to the party or not, but my headache disappeared and Jason felt better soon after he woke up. I did feel a little sick and tried to be selective about what I ate, just in case! I think it was more me trying to make sure I wasn't sick, like, am I or ain't I?? I never did get sick(knock on wood), so hopefully I can dis-infect my house today and we'll be over it. Misty has a park atteched to her backyard, so that's why there's so many of Trae and not the other kids. They don't stick around mommy much! The one of Brookelyn, Jason took.
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