The last of it?

Brookelyn did he throwing up thing last night, so I'm crossing my fingers that we are done with it....I really don't want to get it. The kids seem to be feeling great, so I think we'll hang out here until this afternoon, and then to High Cliff and get some pictures. I have a few collage frames for our bedroom, and also a 11x14 frame for each of the kids for our room, so I'm really anxious to get the pictures and get them up.

I thought of an idea, but haven't tried it yet, but my back is peeling and it driving me crazy that I can't reach all the areas.....I think I'm going to use my lint roller!

****Edit: Brookelyn is still sick, and now Jason has it also. I really hope it passes me by....meeting is supposed to be here on Wednesday, but I think we'll pass and spare everyone our germs. Oh, and High Cliff is out.(pout)
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