Blech!! Possibly TMI..........

Trae had the diarrhea throughout the night.....Elliot threw up throughout the night. Needless to say, we canceled our plans to Nate & Marsha's. Jello water works wonders when they can't have dairy, fruit juice, or soft drinks. It stains them red though.

Each time Trae needs to be changed, he screams from a rash....as I walk with him toward the bedroom to change him he says "peas,peas,peas" and points back out to the living room. Poor baby knows whats coming.

So, my puking child decided to tie a pair of Brookelyn's tights to a hook on a shelf that holds(held) a reed diffuser that smells like banana palm, a vase with live bamboo, and an elephant statue that mom and dad brought back for me from Mexico. Brookelyn pulled on the tights, and lo and behold, down came the shelf. The only thing I cared about was the statue, which suffered minor damage, and the rest went into the garbage. My hands smell from cleaning up the oil from the diffuser, whcich was on that shelf because I hate the smell and I'm never really over there....I also have a thing with my hands smelling. I want to scream....but maybe it's my fault for putting live bamboo and a reed diffusser where my kids can get to them.
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