Photo Therapy...didn't clear the migraine, but made me forget it for awhile.

I love this shot...Trae peeks between his legs at me often, just never when I have my camera...I would love to get this shot when he's giving me a big, cheesy grin!

The kids and I went outside for some fresh air....I decided to grab my camera and snap a few pictures while we were out there. Eventually we had to come in because the mosquito's were atrocious. I made hair appointments for Jason and Elliot tonight. I forgot to mention Trae's haircut yesterday...I had to hold him down while he screamed bloody murder the whole time! Then we're going to watch my friends little boy play t-ball. I'm bummed because Elliot really wanted to join T-ball, but all the games were on Wednesday night. Hopefully the mosquito's don't eat us alive! Sam says they play rain or shine, and rain is in the forecast, so we may be in for a treat. We are going to Lake Michigan on Saturday with Nate & Marsha....I can't wait to get my camera out!

Little Bruiser

Trae's "spillproof" cup malfunctioned again. I asked him to wipe it up and he happily began wiping it up with a towel. He was bent over all the way, lost his balance, and smacked his little forehead right into the hardwood floor. Poor guy, his bruises were healing up from last week. This little man always has yellowing bruises on his forhead, and then newer ones starting. It was sweet of him to help...he is really proud of himself when he helps me out!


* Trae bit me on the bottom of my jaw last night in meeting. He pinched off a nerve that is now causing a migraine.
* My back is on the verge of going out.
* I got heartburn from brushing my teeth last night.
* Trae's ear drum is healed, but he still has a scratch in the ear canal, so I have to put 5 drops in twice a day. The great thing about the drops is he only has to lay on his side really still for 5 minutes. yea.
* I went to change Trae's dirty diaper this morning. When I pulled open the tab, diarrhea sprayed OUT of the diaper and onto my thigh.....and my bed. I am currently letting stain remover soak into my mattress, and I'm going to attempt to use a steamer I picked up at a garage sale last summer to clean it. The poor kid has had diarrhea for a week.
* Yesterday, Trae and I went to Muffins with Mom's at Elliot's school. Brookelyn stayed at grandma's because Trae and I both had doctors appointments. The muffins were really good, and it was fun to have breakfast with Elliot. Trae pooped through his pants though, so we had to rush out. Elliot was fine with that, then he could go out for recess longer.
* We are going to Nate and Marsha's this weekend to hang out. We are staying through meeting on Sunday, and then coming back in time for Misty's graduation party.
* We are so busy this summer my head is spinning.
* The baby's heart rate was 145, and the doctor said after one more appointment, he'll start seeing me more frequently. This pregnancy is flying by! 16 more weeks until we meet our baby boy. I made appointments up until September 15, she figured I wouldn't need anymore than that, we'll see.
* Trae has poop again.
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