weekend excitement.....

* I shot a wedding in Pembine, WI on Saturday. I cried twice(I;ve never cried during a shoot) once when the dad dedicated "I loved her First" during the ceremony....she didn't have a clue it was coming. I heard the first few bars and knew...then during the father/daughter dance they played "Daddy's Hands" Bruce(Deb's boyfriend) asked if I was okay, I looked like I was about to cry...and I lost it. I told him if I look like I'm going to, don't ask if I am or I will! I got a horrid sunburn on my neck and on my face.

* Trae threw up at breakfast this morning. I suggested that I stay home with him, but Jason said he was fine. He fell asleep 1/2 way through meeting, and then out a a deep sleep, threw up everywhere. Jason took him out, and I sat there wondering what to do next. The elder of our meeting got up to clean it up, ehich I would have done except I can't bend over well, so I'd have had to crawl on my hands and knees...luckliy he missed all the people, we were in the middle row facing a whole row of teenagers!
* Tomorrow is Nicole's rehearsal dinner...should be fun.
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