Trae's new words....

Jason was brushing his teeth before meeting tonight, I was lying on the bed talking to him. Trae toddled up and said "toothpaste?...Please!" Sooo cute. Then in meeting, he was looking at a book with babies in it. You could lift the flaps to see the baby's eyes, nose, ect. He was lifing the flap and saying "peek!"


I had a woodtick on my sleeve just now...crawling along like no ones business. I haven't even been outside today, so now I feel like curling into a ball because who knows how many woodticks are running free-range through my house? I thought about a walk today after Elliot gets off the bus, he has 1/2 day, but now I'm scared...

Trae's new lovey

This is the hairpeice I picked up last night for $9.98....I put it in Trae's hands when I got home(he was already asleep, daddy put the kids to bed while I was out shopping with the girls...)This is what it looked like this morning. He slept well though, and so did I!

*****A note about the hair...Trae looks at me like I'm nuts when I give it to him, but I think it will pass in the night when he's not fully awake!
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